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Types of Dental Tooth Replacements


A good dental health is crucial for your general appearance. There is no way that you can have a nice smile especially if you are missing some of the crucial teeth especially the front ones. But with the advancement in the dental field, it is very easy to improve your appearance by having dental tooth replacement. With this method, you can manage to restore the lost teeth to regain that lost smile once again.

What is dental tooth replacement?
Dental tooth replacement is part of the dental implant process. It is a method through which you can have your lost teeth replaces to improve your appearance. But they can only be done after you have done a dental implant. You can select either the endosteal or the subperiosteal implant since the two are the common choices that many go for. There are different types of dental tooth replacement that you can select from. Here are the main two popular types of dental tooth replacements:

• Fixed Tooth Replacement
With this type of tooth replacement, the patients cannot remove the replaced teeth. This type of replacement is fixed and not removable. If there is a problem in future with the replaced teeth, it is only a dental expert that can remove them. This type of dental tooth replacement is popular among the kids and those who would love to have a permanent solution to their dental problems. It can be on one tooth or a dental arch which is the replacement of all teeth.

• Removable Tooth Replacement
With this type dental tooth replacement, the patient can comfortably remove the teeth as they wish. This type replacement is also known as implant over-denture. The implant, in this case, prevents the movement of the dentures. It is the perfect dental tooth replacement for the patients suffering from a loose denture. It can be done on a single tooth or even the multiple/all teeth missing.

Dental Lumineers In Dallas
It will take a person merely two simple visits to a dentist to create out their spectacular smile with Lumineers. The initial consultation will involve an initial consultation, using a Certified Lumineers Dentist. The dental practitioner is going to take the feeling from the upper and lower teeth, along with the mold will be delivered to a Lumineers laboratory which is certified. The pattern will be sent along with other data and images to guarantee the very best for the person.

A month or more later, for the next visit, the Lumineers will likely be placed by the dentist. It really is imperative to use the Lumineers  to ensure an excellent fit before they are bonded set up. The dentist will then painlessly apply the Lumineers with no drilling or shots into delicate tooth structure.


Some times when damage occurs to your replacement teeth you may have to call an emergency dentist to repair them in the shortest amount of time. Most cities have an emergency dental practitioner that can be called 24/7 who can get your teeth repaired. In my home town we have an emergency dentist waco tx office that provides this service.