straight teethMany parents and teenagers wonder if Invisalign is an appropriate smile straightening option for adolescents. While classic braces may be the first thing that moms, dads and kids think of, once they explore other options, they change their mind. Families learn about the positive aspects of the Invisalign Teen straightening process, and they’re on board. As explained by the Invisalign Plano TX dentist this orthodontic method entails using a set of clear, plastic trays that are actually removable. Here are some of the benefits of this revolutionary new method of orthodontia:

– More comfortable: Instead of having brackets, wires and bands made out of metal, the plastic trays are smooth and painless. Many times, kids are irritated by the wires and edges rubbing their inner cheeks and lips. Placing wax over these sharp edges helps, but the whole process is a bit cumbersome. With the smooth feel of the trays, no pokes from sharp edges will occur.

– Removable: While the straightening devices should remain in the patient’s mouth for 22 or 23 hours each day, it’s nice to be able to take them out to eat or attend a special event such as a prom. No braces in the junior or senior prom photos will be a plus for years to come.

– Eating what they want: Teenagers can eat whatever they want because they’ll be removing the apparatus for mealtimes. With classic metal bands, wires and brackets, many foods are prohibited because of fear of breakage or of getting items stuck in the devices.

– Athletic events: Adolescent athletes wonder if they can still play football, basketball, hockey or soccer with these straightening devices in their mouth. Since games only last a couple of hours, these devices can be removed for the big game. It would be wise to wear mouth guards to protect the oral structures during the event.

– Lost Invisalign aligners: What if the kids lose them at a slumber party or school? It happens, especially during these busy adolescent years. Because dentists understand, most practitioners give a certain number of replacements for free during the course of the treatment.

– How often between appointments: The average amount of time between appointments is six weeks. There are also blue dots on the apparatuses that show when a new aligner is needed. Most parents and patients find this reminder and notification system quite helpful.

The Invisalign Arlington TX dental office explained, that Invisalign for teen is becoming a popular option for adolescents and their parents. Not only is this method extremely effective, it has an array of benefits including the fact that the trays are removable, they’re more comfortable, any food can be eaten and they cost about the same as braces.

The long and short story is that if you are looking to avoid showing that you have braces and just want to look as normal as possible then this may be a very good option to look into. If you don’t mind the metal and wires then invisalign still offers many more benefits including a short time frame of getting your teeth straighten.

Above all you have to get the right information as well as enough information to make a choice that is right for you. The best place for that is in your local dentist office where you can get direct information from someone who doesn’t care which way you choose but will be there purely to insure you get the best information to move forward with.  That’s really the only thing that matters in the long run.

If you have questions the key here is to make sure you simply ask so you don’t have to guess at what you want in the end.