Tooth Decay – The Reasons It Happens

Tooth decay happens when the bacteria living with your mouth make acid that then actually starts to eat your teeth away. Untreated teeth decay could trigger infection, decrease of teeth and severe pain. Tooth decay starts off with unnoticeable harm to the enamel and moves to the deeper layers with the teeth, bringing about pulp. This can cause teeth to grow out of alignment and may require adjustment like with the invisalign McKinney TX dental option.

Poor dental hygiene

One of the main causes of oral cavaties is poor oral hygiene practices including not flossing the mouth, failure to brush one’s teeth instead of using make-up. Improper oral cleanliness results in teeth decay. To avoid this problem you will need to make sure you brush them after each lunch for about two minutes.

Enamel issues and deep tooth crevices

Tooth decay is additionally a result of enamel issues and deep tooth crevices that occur in your teeth. This occurs as the deep crevices make it easy for bacteria and plaque grow inside your mouth. To stop this problem, you can use dental sealants. However, you should make certain that dental sealants must only be used for uninfected teeth. They don’t have any effects on already decayed teeth.

Improper nutrition

Foods and drinks with higher sugar, high carbohydrates and acid results in teeth decay. Sugary foods make it possible for bacteria growing in your mouth since they feed over sugary foods. They will coat your teeth in damaging acid. This can occur within a few seconds even inside a course of just a single meal. This is why it is crucial to brush your teeth after each lunch.

Xerostomia issues

Saliva helps with inhibiting the roll-out of plaque. This signifies that people who have xerostomia problems have risky of suffering from dental issues which bring about cavities. Dry mouth might occur from prescription medications, genetic issues or other medical conditions like diabetes.


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